Telco plans to test even faster TWDM-PON technology in September.

Orange Spain has successfully trialled XG-PON technology, paving the way for 1 Gbps fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) services, the telco announced this week.In a statement on Monday, the company said it has also tested XG-PON, also known as NG-PON1, on its mobile backhaul infrastructure, which will enable it to “maximise the transmission speed” of its 4G network, as well as improve the quality of its 2G and 3G services.Orange Spain is not stopping there though, it also plans to begin testing time and wavelength division multiplexing (TWDM) PON.TWDM-PON, also referred to as NG-PON2, is capable of delivering up to 40 Gbps over a single fibre. It achieves this by using four 10-Gbps transmitters simultaneously, with each signal sent over a different wavelength.”Orange will begin testing this technology in September,” the telco said.The announcement came the same week that Orange Spain became the sole owner of Jazztel by purchasing the remaining 5.25% of the Spanish broadband operator it did not already own.Orange said that following the acquisition, its FTTH network now covers more than 5 million homes.