By now, you’ve probably heard that the Wireless Broadband Alliance will proudly host the next Wi-Fi Global Congress in San Jose, California, at the San Jose Convention Center on 12 – 15 October, 2015. This will be our biggest event yet, and we couldn’t be happier or more excited to bring the largest global Wi-Fi event to the Capital of Silicon Valley.

Part of what makes the Wi-Fi Global Congress such a great event is that it provides a forum for several different topics to be discussed, debated, and presented upon. These topics are some of the hottest talking points in the Wi-Fi industry, and in San Jose, attendees will have the opportunity to learn and network about a wider variety of topics than ever before.

Tiago Rodrigues, Senior Director for PMO and Membership Services, Wireless Broadband Alliance

The WBA’s Senior Director for PMO and Membership Services, Tiago Rodrigues, was kind enough to take some time and shed a little light on what you can expect to be discussed in San Jose.

Wi-Fi 2020
“Industry leaders will discuss the evolution of Wi-Fi on the road to 2020. This will include the evolution of technology, new business opportunities, the role of Wi-Fi in the wireless space, and the impact that it could have on carriers.”

Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT)
“Top innovators and city leaders will share case studies on the deployment of Smart Cities, as well as on IoT business opportunities for Wi-Fi. Some of the most advanced examples of Smart Cities from around the world will be presented.”

Roadmap to 5G
“The WGC will provide a detailed look at how operators are connecting the licensed and unlicensed spectrums in the continued evolution of 5G, and how Wi-Fi is playing an important role in this exciting era. Attendees can expect lots of discussion about the challenges that 5G will face, and how the industry must evolve in order to optimize network capacity and provide the best possible performance for the end-users.”

Carrier Wi-Fi Evolution
“The leading operators in the industry will share methods on maximizing carrier Wi-Fi services and networks. Furthermore, presentations on the impact of services such as Wi-Fi Calling and LBS will give attendees the opportunity to learn more about how these operators are improving their networks to meet the expectations of customers.”

Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) Live
“Attendees will be able to use their own devices to experience the most advanced Wi-Fi services, such as NGH and Wi-Fi Calling.”

Business Opportunity Workshops
“Get face-to-face advice from experts on how to build your business, and learn more about how the WBA can help.”

The Wi-Fi Global Congress in San Jose promises to be an exciting, informative, and enjoyable event – don’t forget to register your interest in exhibiting, sponsoring, and attending the world’s premiere Wi-Fi event by clicking here.