There are more than 600 million mobile phones in Africa. Over 90% of them are not connected to the internet. ForgetMeNot Africa’s Optimiser Platform solves the problem of providing a wide range of internet services to these mobile phones, whether basic, feature or smart, using eTXTs.

General | eTXT homepageAn eTXT uses SMS and USSD to seamlessly establish 2-way communications between any mobile phone on any mobile network and a wide range of internet services. eTXTs can be used to send and receive email, to chat via instant messaging, interact with social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter, and to connect to web applications using the ForgetMeNot Optimiser Platform Open API. No need for downloads to the phone, internet, PC access or a change in user behaviour.

Network Benefits

  • Empower ALL network subscribers
  • Access internet services on every mobile
  • Monetise 2-way chat and email messaging
  • Monetise Facebook & social networking
  • Monetise a wide range of internet services
  • Migrate voice and SMS subscribers to data

Subscriber Benefits

  • Works on any mobile via SMS
  • Uses handset initiation so no PC required
  • Chat, email and Facebook on the go 24/7
  • Growing range of SMS applications
  • No data connection or 3G handsets needed