Sitronics Plans 300 mm Fab at Zelenograd

David Lammers, News Editor — Semiconductor International, 8/27/2008 9:58:00 AM

Sitronics Inc. (Moscow) will receive more than a billion dollars from a Russian governmental investment fund to build a 300 mm wafer fab at Zelenograd, near Moscow, according to a government ruling signed last week by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Sitronics reportedly will build a 300 mm fab near Moscow, using licensed 65 nm and 45 nm technology.

Sitronics spokeswoman Irina Lanina told the Russian business daily Vedomosti that in addition to the competition for a process technology provider, a bidding process will be established for the equipment and fab construction vendors.

Sitronics reportedly will build a 300 mm fab near Moscow, using licensed 65 nm and 45 nm technology.

Sitronics, which operates telecom and microelectronics production facilities in Russia and other former members of the Soviet Union, will invest a total of 31.5 billion rubles (~US$1.28B) in Sitronics Nanotechnology over the next few years, the reports said. The total project will cost 58.427 billion rubles (US$2.371B) of which the government investment fund will provide 26.923 billion rubles (US$1.092B)

Sitronics President Sergei Aslanyan told Russian reporters that the new fab will use licensed 65 nm and 45 nm technology, chosen from among IBM Corp. (Armonk, N.Y.), Intel Corp. (Santa Clara, Calif.), and STMicroelectronics (Geneva). The 65 nm technology will be used to make ICs for digital televisions and global positioning systems, he said.

Sitronics has an existing licensing arrangement with STMicroelectronics for 0.18 µm technology, which Sitronics has used since 2007 to make chips for passports, cellphone SIM cards, transportation debit cards, and RFID tags. The company will move to 130 nm technology this year, and plans to begin making 90 nm chips in 2009, processing ~10,000 200 mm wafers per month, the reports said.

With a total staff of >10,000, Sitronics produces telecom equipment and software, ICs and other components, and consumer electronics. Sitronics Microelectronics operates production fabs in the Ukraine and at Zelenograd.