– CRN’s Top 25 Most Influential Executives Of 2006

• The List: Top 25 Executives
This year’s most talked-about executives ranked by the influence they wielded over the industry.

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Click through our photo gallery of this year’s most talked about technology executives to learn what the buzz is all about.

• Web 2.0 Architects
Even the many architects of Web 2.0 have trouble defining exactly what it is.

• MSP Platform Pioneers
The MSP market in 2006 combined innovation with high drama to produce a wide assortment of entrepreneurs.

• From The Editor
When CRN editors first considered Mark Hurd as the choice for No. 1 most influential executive, we had no idea how much ink he was about to generate.

1 (Mark Hurd)

President and CEO, Hewlett-Packard
Becoming chairman should have been Hurd’s finest hour as a reward for revigorating HP and its channel. Now partners are hoping the boardroom leak probe scandal won’t undermine all he has accomplished.

2 (Ray Ozzie)

Chief Software Architect, Microsoft
Ray Ozzie is leading Microsoft into the brave new world of software as a service. If he succeeds, it will be proof positive that nice guys can finish first and visionary technologists still matter.

3 (Eric Schmidt)

Chairman and CEO, Google
With a blizzard of product launches and splashy $1.65 billion YouTube acquistion, Schmidt continues to demonstrate why Google has risen to the forefront of the Web 2.0 crowd.

4 (Hector Ruiz)

Chairman and CEO, AMD
The empire may be striking back, but it is doubtful that Intel will be able to suppress the Advanced Micro Devices rebellion this time, not if Ruiz keeps executing and pushing innovation.

5 (John Chambers)

President and CEO, Cisco Systems
Does this guy ever rest? Chambers is charting a growth path that could keep the networking leader in double digits for the foreseeable future.
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