Bench-top solution delivers product claim verification, shorter product lead times, reduced manufacturing costs and environmental benefits.

– Nanotechnology comes of age commercially.

Leading nanotechnology and nanometrology company Farfield Group has launched what is being hailed as the first commercially packaged, bench-top, nanotechnology instrument, the NanoFlex™. With unrivalled performance in sub atomic-scale, surface and interfacial measurement, the NanoFlex is initially being targeted at the FMCG market place.

From product claim verification to water and energy conservation, research and manufacturing, the NanoFlex™ is designed to be tailored easily to any application where surface science and molecular scale, nanometrology measurements are required in FMCG research and product development. Until now, the focus of nanotechnology and in particular nanometrology has been largely academic, using scientific instruments or particle accelerators in government research laboratories. Whilst invaluable in pushing the frontiers of science forward, it has been difficult to access the benefits from an industrial perspective. By aiming a commercially packaged system at one of the largest target sectors, FMCG, Farfield believe that they have created a platform for encouraging the widespread commercial adoption of FMCG nanotechnology applications.

The NanoFlex can be used in any application where companies need to measure and differentiate between molecular levels of adsorption, absorption or desorption at a surface. Examples include the removal of substances such as grease or oil from a surface by surfactants or, conversely, the deposition of a substance such as a polymer in conditioners onto a surface. In the consumer goods sector, these are the factors that underwrite many of the product marketing and branding claims made to the public. Verification of these claims, quickly and easily, in a deskilled manner, gives FMCG producers faster lead times to market and allows them to extend and justify marketing claims….

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