NVIDIA and TSMC celebrate the production of the 500 today millionth chip designed by the firm Californian and produced by the Taiwanese founder since the beginning of their partnership in 1998. This figure symbolic system includes graphics processors NVIDIA as well as the MCP nForce created on the equivalent of 2,6 million silicon wafers of a diameter of 8 inches.

A partnership which begins in 1998

The partnership between NVIDIA and TSMC started in 1998 with the mass production of a graphics processor produced with technology 35 U. In 2002, the latter celebrated to them 200 millionth chip. The press release published jointly by the two companies reveals that NVIDIA is producing processors engraved with 65 Nm on wafers of 12 inches. (300 mm), without specifying about which (S) chip (S) it is.

A meeting enters the presidents of TSMC and NVIDIA

According to Digitimes, Jen-Hsun Huang chair NVIDIA, which for 10 years has gone regularly to Taiwan to discuss with the person in charge for TSMC, will meet, Rick Tsai, current chairman of the Taiwanese company, in the current of the week. They will celebrate the event and will attempt to show that their co-operation is always also close. NVIDIA recently entrusted part of the production of GeForce 7100 GS to Chartered Semiconductor, firm based in Singapore, but TSMC remains the principal founder of NVIDIA. This last provides 90% of the chips which sells the Californian firm.

G80 in the center of the discussions?

TSMC and NVIDIA did not wish to reveal details on the next meeting between the two P.D.G., but one murmurs that the next GPU of NVIDIA bearing the code name G80 will be one of the principal subjects of discussion. According to Digitimes, NVIDIA wants to make sure that TSMC will allocate to him sufficient outputs in 80 Nm to manufacture G80. ATI reserved lines of production to 80 Nm, which could impact the provisioning of G80. It is said that G80 will leave before the end of the year whereas R600 of ATI does not arrive on the market before the first quarter 2007, which gives an unquestionable advantage to NVIDIA