The government of Canada will invest 7,1 million dollars in a project of 29,8 million dollars undertaken by Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. to develop chips semiconductrices of the next generation, which will improve efficiency and quality of the networks with broad band by which services Internet, vocal, video, banking and medical are provided to the Canadians. The world networks of communications voice-data pass quickly from the traditional networks to circuit switching to the networks to packet switching resting on the technology of transmission of protocol Internet (IP). The adoption of IP like common technology helps the network operators to reduce their costs and to diversify by offering new services like the vocal and video services and the data transmission. Adoption of technology IP present of the challenges at the network operators because basically different technologies of networking must coexist and function together. The technology of the chips of Zarlink will facilitate the transition while synchronizing the operations from the two networks, which will make it possible to the owners to continue to use their old material until they pass to technology IP. Zarlink, a company of Ottawa, has centers of research and development in several countries and employs approximately 750 people in the world. This company specializes in solutions calling upon the semiconductors, for the vocal communications, of company, with broad band and wireless.