TSMC Unveils NexsysSM 90-Nanometer Process Technology. 90nm is ready for volume production!

After two years’ development work and qualification, TSMC’s state-of-the-art 12-inch fab, Fab12, located in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, is beginning to ramp the Nexsys 90-nm process. . There are more than 20 products (single mask sets) running in Fab12. In addition, we have been pleased with the initial functionality and performance figures. One customer recently stated, “We are quite satisfied with TSMC Nexsys 90-nm process performance and yield. We are planning to move several products into TSMC 90-nm process as soon as we can”. TSMC boasts a significant advantage in its combination of 90-nm process technology with 12-inch wafers, which produces significant economic gains. According to Aart de Geus, chairman and chief executive officer of EDA company Synpsys Inc., speaking at the International Executive Forum, “The transition to the 90-nanometer manufacturing node is going better than the transition to the 130-nm node a couple of years before it.” We can further leverage these gains through our past experiences with .13 um. Lessons learned in the past with the low-k 0.13um generation, will allow us to ramp quickly in 90-nm. . TSMC is the first company in the world to fully qualify and ramp 0.13um low-k process. “We shipped 10,000 wafers in 2003, and leverage the valuable experiences in 0.13um to 90-nm 12 inch process, which make Nexsys 90-nm ramp-up much quicker than before”, said Dr. Genda Hu, Vice President of Cooperate Marketing, TSMC. In light of recent economic improvements, TSMC’s past achievements in 90-nm, and present efforts to ramp to volume production represent a win-win for both our customers and us! “