The end of the year approaches and first systems compatible WUSB (Wireless USB) should not be long in delivering us these wire tangles behind our offices while offering flows without wire to amazing short distance… at least if one believes the annnonces of them.

NXP Semiconductors (ex Philips Semiconductors) announces a new controller WUSB NXP ISP3582 who to allow the manufacturers to easily implement this technology in their systems. And it is not satisfied to be a simple addition with the system, with the manner of a hub or a dongle; it is integrated directly on the mother board and will be able to replace completely currnent USB ports .

It is however an aspect essential with the development of the WUSB in the mobile systems, that they are APN, video digital cameras or multi-media walkmans (and why not PDA).

The controller will be associated in a reference design with the module radio operator RTU7011 of Realtek to provide data exchanges up to 480 Mbps.

For Paul Marino, in charge for division Connectivity of NXP, “controller ISP3582 are a first step towards an adoption of mass of Wireless USB. Thanks to our various solutions, we leave the choice to the engineers to use our telegraphic systems USB, to migrate of a telegraphic solution to without wire, or to pass directly to the integrated WUSB.”