GCT Semiconductor and ARM announce the launching of processor ARM926EJ-S™, new platform SoC (System One Chip) for the smartphones and laptops of next generation, which could be integrated in future the reference designs for the numerical mobile TV or technologies 4G.

GCT Technologies keeps in mind the forecasts of InStat announcing that the TV on mobile will touch more than 100 million users in 2010 and wants to be placed as long as the market is still immature in order to benefit best from it.

This processor of family ARM9 embarks Jazelle technology, making it possible to develop mobile apparatuses Java with a great autonomy, perfect for a ludic experiment, much in demand in Asia.logie Jazelle, permettant de développer des appareils mobiles Java avec une grande autonomie, parfaits pour une expérience ludique, très demandée en Asie.